The Science of Comfort…
Comfort enables better sleep. To be truly comfortable the body and mind must be completely at ease; free from pain or constraint. A more comfortable body is a healthier body. True comfort requires the perfect blend of pressure relief, support and temperature regulation. This is the Science of Comfort™. Mammoth have gone further than any other brand in developing cutting edge technologies and materials in the pursuit of comfort and sleep quality.

Mammoth’s Magic Ingredient: Medical Grade™ Foam
Mammoth’s innovative Medical Grade Foam is derived from the High Specification Foam originally used in healthcare, as a pressure relieving and supportive component in medical beds and seating. Medical Grade™ Foam is an incredibly effective material for achieving comfort. By

responding immediately to both the weight and shape of the human body, Medical Grade™ Foam helps a sleeper maintain a neutral position, which ensures good spinal alignment. Basically, instant support. Unlike Memory Foam, which requires body heat to soften the sleep surface, Medical Grade™ Foam is not temperature sensitive and provides a cool, dry and comfortable sleeping surface that promotes an optimum sleeping micro-climate.

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